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Benefits of a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning in Case of Emergencies
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Businesses today rely on documents, applications, and existing data to function smoothly. If you are one of those CIOs who toss and turn at night due to the fear of data loss, it’s about time you considered a disaster recovery plan to protect your company in the event of major data loss.

Have you ever thought about the consequences if you lose access to these things? It would be a disaster for most companies, all those profits lost, and possibly even business closure. Disasters can knock out your entire network or database. With a Disaster Recovery Plan, you can reduce downtime and get your business up and running again.

Data from the National Archives and Records Administration show that 93% of companies that experience downtime and data loss for more than 10 days will file for bankruptcy within a year.

43% of businesses that fail to plan for business continuity in times of disaster will go out of business when they experience a major loss of data.

Pegas Technology Solutions is here to avert such scenarios from happening to your business. We can help you formulate a plan that allows you to resume work and reduce interruptions in the event of a disaster.

A business continuity plan allows for sufficient IT recovery and the mitigateion of data loss. Here are the benefits of our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service.

Reasons You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

We live in unpredictable times, and you can’t predict when a disaster may strike. Investing in insurance protects your business from financial losses, but it can’t replace the loss of valuable data and key applications that make your business run seamlessly.

Storms, fires, and floods can wreak havoc on any business. To protect these items, you need to plan and find a way to restore your data when you lose it. Without a disaster recovery plan, you may not resume operations again.

Hardware failure due to a power surge or other causes can lead to data loss. You can protect your hardware with cooling systems and surge protectors, but it is always ideal for backing up your data.

Pegas Technology Solutions can help you back up your valuable data, whether it’s a cloud-based or off-site storage, to give you added protection. Employees may forget to save files or accidentally delete important documents, and they can also flip the wrong switch and cause major data loss. Having a data backup keeps your business safe from such occurrences.

Cybercrimes won’t end anytime soon; in fact, they are on the rise. A virus or ransomware attack can keep your data hostage. We can help make a recovery plan should you experience data loss due to hacking or cyber-attacks.

Benefits of a Business Continuity Planning in Case of Emergencies

A disaster recovery plan is like having an insurance policy that covers your IT environment. Pegas Technology Solutions offers reliable disaster solutions for all types of businesses.

Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t it be great if you can sleep well at night and not have to worry about data loss? Disasters happen when you least expect them to; with our help, your business can continue to function despite any eventuality. We protect your business by having a complete data backup system that’s updated and automated.

Reduce Downtime

With a disaster recovery plan in place, you can drastically reduce downtime, which would be impossible without having a plan to begin with. The faster you get your business running again, you limit the loss of revenue due to data loss.

Every company has critical processes that must be running at all times for business continuity. Our tech experts can safeguard these mission-critical processes and minimize interruptions.

Pegas Technology Solutions for Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

No matter what industry you are in, no one is immune from the risk of data loss due to disasters and other causes. We can customize a disaster recovery plan for your business to choose the best recovery times and monitor your plan.

We will ensure that your systems will be up and running once a disaster strikes to get complete recovery of data and services. You can rest assured that your companies’ reputation and corporate image will not get affected as all your systems will remain online within a short restoration process.

Give us a call so that we can start on your disaster recovery plan at once. You’ll never know when you’ll need one, so it’s better to have a plan now.

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