4 Benefits of A Virtual CIO To A Small Business

Small businesses also do experience problems when they want to achieve their dreams and expand. Use of technology is one area that is widely used to get answers and provide knowledge and expertise to people working in small businesses.   To stay ahead of their competitors, small businesses are now searching for technology strategies outside their businesses to help them in planning, monitoring, and maintenance of effective IT strategies.

A virtual CIO (chief information officer) is an individual who is responsible for overseeing the IT functions in business, advises on the latest technology developments and how a business can use technology to gain an advantage over their competitors. However, this person is not employed full time by the business but is paid according to hours worked or has a flat monthly fee. Small businesses will benefit from hiring a virtual CIO because they don’t have to employ a large team of IT experts to take care of their IT problems

Benefits of a virtual CIO to small businesses include:

  1. Provides technology roadmap and IT expertise

A virtual CIO will provide IT plan and strategies that will help a small business to fulfill their short and long-term business goals. He will take the time to understand the goals and contribute to attaining them by creating a technology roadmap and right technology meet your needs, expectations, and goals. An experienced IT expert will also follow and understand the latest technology and trends in the IT world and then incorporate them into the business.  He will deal with a variety of IT challenges that exist in the business and identify solutions that need to be implemented.

  1. Flexible 24/7

A virtual CIO is flexible to work whenever they are needed even when an emergency strikes hence making them available 24/7. This gives security to a small business because they know that they have a qualified person in charge of monitoring and managing their IT and they have a trusted adviser who will guide them in their IT infrastructure, performance and overall strategy at all times.

  1. Security and disaster planning

A small business should have a disaster recovery plan at all times, and a virtual CIO will ensure that there is one that will allow quick response and protects a business in case of a natural disaster.  They are consistently providing security and disaster plans and keep monitoring them, creating security policies and implementing the correct updates promptly so as ensure a safe flow of business.

  1. Saves on personnel cost

Hiring permanent personnel in the business will cost a lot because they need a huge salary and bonuses and benefits too. Getting a virtual CIO reduces the wages in the business because the person is only paid his salary according to work done with no hidden charges and you still get the services you need. This gives you the opportunity to invest in your current IT technology to improve your small business.

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