10 Reasons it Might be time for a New IT Provider

For many leading businesses, well-managed IT servers are the leading cause of their success in the consumer market. The companies that have failed to use technology to their benefit have also suffered the dire consequences of losing their respective market share, two-way interactions with the consumers, quality assurance, customization of products, have all been regular practices to sustain healthy relations with the customers. Information technology is widespread and looking at the surface; it is virtually impossible to identify even a single company that does not use information technology for its betterment.

Apart from having a well-maintained IT, other variables play a role in the progress of a company. On the surface, having a flawless IT server and having none at all, may appear to be two extremes. However, there is another extreme that suggests, having an IT service that is inefficient. The companies also meet their doom when they fail to adapt, the right kind of IT provider, in theory, and practice the authenticity of this statement cannot be questioned. What is the point of having an IT server, if it does not work efficiently? To maintain their respective market share, companies require their Information Technology infrastructure to be working flawlessly, if not so, it is time to upgrade your systems and look for a new IT Provider. Here are some steps to help you know if you are better-off contracting a new IT provider or not; 

  1. Suffering from Downtime:

As it is essential for companies to remain to function, downtime interferes with the regular operations being performed.  This causes a major setback for the company, both financially and hindering in their daily progress, for every computer being subjected to downtime, for an hour, the company is losing the amount paid to the employee for that hour, not to mention the additional operating costs required to fix the computers. By changing your IT provider, downtime can be reduced.

Higher Accessibility;

  1. Accounts and Passwords:

For keeping the company’s internal data safe and in good hands, customized logins can be provided to employees at different levels; companies are adopting this new process of data handling to gain more control over their information technology infrastructure, only the concerned employees have access to specific data, the overall system becomes highly secured. If your company is not implementing this practice already, it is highly recommended to switch to an IT provider that ensures greater accessibility.

Superior Performance;

  1. Desktop Services:

Having Information technology services that are user-friendly and are available for every employee is the key determinant of a successful company. Desktop services enable the IT server to assist, with departmental or personal computing needs. This allows users to exercise greater control in the workplace as data transfer, troubleshooting, staff onboarding, software management and other variables are being handled by desktop support. If your company has been experiencing troubleshooting and other management dilemmas, a new IT provider can help.

  1. Email and Collaboration:

By providing superior communication & using a single platform as a base, email and collaboration services can improve the functionality of the company. This is particularly useful when dealing with bulk emails, which need to be approved before they are delivered to the masses. This also ensures other mediums of communication within a company, such as private channels, public channels, direct messages, etc.

  1. Networking:

The greater the networking a company has, the higher is its accessibility and the faster is its response time. By using the “getting connected” service, the entire campus is connected altogether by either wireless or wired means. Networking also deals with other aspects, such as installations, activations, and disconnects.

  1. Media and Events Coverage:

In addition to the above-stated qualities, an IT provider should also provide access to service records, edits, production records along with digital and audio records. In short, having an Authorized Telecommunication Representative (ATR), a platform that is responsible for all the communications on campus. Having an IT provider that enables the use of this privilege ensures better reception, more channel choices, and availability of an HD channel.

  1. Database Administration Services:

These types of services include analysis support service to all the individual campuses, which ranges from best practices, tools, and processes, to limited term consultations. Database administration services also include database security, tuning, patching, performance analysis along with installations and management.

  1. Security:

To ensure that the company’s security isn’t being compromised, contact an IT provider to guarantees file monitoring, application security, firewall administration and multi-factor authentication.

  1. Backup and Storage:

Includes features such as allowing individuals to backup data from their PCs, data center housing, service hosting and cloud services along with server virtualization.

  1. Improved Web Services:

If your IT providers do not enable the academic and administrative department to build websites along with being able to customize them, then it is time for an upgrade. Broad features and functions are available such as web hosting and site farming.

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