Top 5 Password Managers of 2017


A few years ago, the standard for a great password manager was to store your passwords in an encrypted storage space simply. Nowadays, the top password managers have multiple features such as altering web passwords with a click, giving you the option to store locally or sync, automatic login to the website and many others. This article covers the top 5 password managers around.


LastPass is one of the best password managers for plenty of reasons. It was one of the first properly-balanced password managers around and was among the initial ones that greatly simplified storing passwords online, synchronizing with your other devices or locally on a single device. LastPass does the password remembering for you meaning you do not need to have all your passwords at your fingertips. It also simplifies password auditing, using stronger passwords as well as automatically altering passwords if you believe you have been compromised.


Dashlane has become popular primarily due to its sharp and simple to use interface, simple auto-login, logging of online transactions, auto-fill forms and easy to set up security. Dashlane also supports two-factor authentication, the capability to share passwords with emergency contacts if you are unable to access your accounts as well as the capability to alter several passwords on multiple websites in a few simple steps. The password manager will also inform you if an online account has been compromised as well as allow you to reset the password to an ideal and secure one without the need to leave the interface due to its inbuilt password changer feature.


PassMan is a free, open-source password manager which enables you to manage your password data on your web browser locally. You do not need to sync with other devices to effectively use the password manager. You can use PassMan with other tools to generate a password to generate and maintain passwords for your accounts safely. It uses a local storage capability for the current advanced versions of browsers which is a lot more secure than cookies used by previous versions of browsers. PassMan does not support two-factor authentication because its implementation does not make the feature necessary.


KeePass is a free and open source password manager which is ideal for you if you are go-to specifications for a security service. KeePass stores your passwords in an encrypted database which you manage on your device, and this database is never synchronized or uploaded to any location unless. If you want to move your passwords to another device, you must do it yourself.


1Password is quite popular for giving a powerful and safe password manager, as well as a digital wallet in a highly sophisticated-looking package which excels on each platform that the software is installed. 1Password is flexible, simple to use and functions smoothly on practically every web browser. It has a great-looking layout as well as a strong password generator to assist you to choose ideal passwords once you change yours.

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