Three Reason your Small Business Needs Managed IT Services


Being in business is tough, many Maine small to medium business overs will face many challenging situations. Like the plow guy not showing up when he said he would, but none of these situations are as difficult asking them to close their business for good. It hurts the people that the company employed, the community, but most of all the owner. When it comes to technology, it can create productivity you’re your staff, but if those systems are not maintained, then it could potentially leave a business vulnerable to attack. Many business owners don’t understand what managed services can mean to them. It’s affordable and in reach of any small business owner and the end could save the business. When we speak to our clients, they are usually well adept at managing and mitigating risk. They’ve taken quite a little of it on by opening a business, and most of them understand that carelessness in any facet of their company often means the end of the business. We prefer to think that’s why they choose us, we work hard to give them cost-effective technology; and, and the proper solutions they need, so they know they are protected, like a firewall or a VPN for secure remote access.

Managed IT services is not really a new concept, but it is one which not enough small to medium business consider. Every day we hear about a new successful hack. We all have had our credit cards comprised at one time or another. I personally have gotten three new debit cards last year. Most business hold information that cybercriminals want to obtain: financial information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Proactive Maintenance And Monitoring.

There is a saying “you don’t need to fix a something that isn’t broken, to begin with”. That is the beautiful thing about managed IT services we are no longer waiting for something to fail. We have to capacity to monitor and manage the remote system to help prevent malicious software, like malware, viruses, and Trojan’s that try to steal your data, breach your network and decimate your rapport with your customers. Using our remote monitoring and management software, we’re able to proactively monitor and keep maintaining your business’ network and every little bit of hardware connected to it. Simple and inevitable issues like a faltering hard drive won’t become problems.

In-Depth Threat Management

Every small company needs to know very well what they are against. In all honesty, it’s not fair. With a large number of cyberattacks each day, some so powerful that they could potentially take down the whole Internet, businesses need to have (at least) a cursory danger management platform set up. A solid multi-layered approach, outfitted with an enterprise-level firewall, spam detection and prevention, content filtering, and VPN can go quite a distance toward keeping intruders out of your network.

Disaster And Backup Recovery

If you don’t understand the need or worth of the backup system for your company’s data, why don’t we spell it out for you as simply as we possibly can? If you lose your computer data a cyber attack, a hard drive failure or a raid that did not successfully rebuild itself as the salesman told you it would if you do not have a trusted backup solution set up, your business may not open tomorrow. It is that dreadful. To safeguard your business from something as harmless as employee mistake, you need a backup solution. Our backup solution is special for the reason that it only backs up changes to your documents, and will it as much as every quarter-hour. This gives an easy, reliable product that backs up your computer data both onsite and offsite in the cloud. By leveraging cloud processing to safeguard your business’s digital resources, you can move forward with the satisfaction realizing that if something awful were to occur to your computer data, the procedure of repair is fast, restricting profit-sapping downtime.

Why Choose Pegas

Our qualified and knowledgeable technicians will help you build efficiency in a number of areas of your business with this full collection of products and services that clients enjoy for a straightforward and affordable month to month price. To find out more about how Pegas Technology Solutions handles IT services, or some of our services that can help your business become more secure and efficient, today at (207) 835-4053 call us.

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