What is Rocket Chat and Benefits of Having Your Own Self Hosted Team Chat App

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Having an internal communication tool can benefit companies and Rocket Chat is one of the top open-source applications that you can consider. The vision of starting Rocket Chat was to get all the good aspects of email into a modern communications platform.

The app has features that are similar to Slack and being an open-source app gives companies more flexibility in customizing for their specific needs. It has proven to be a great communication platform for team collaboration. If you think that your team is too small for a live chat app, it’s natural to have reservations.

Adding new software to your business should give value and not added stress. The beauty of small teams is the lack of red tape and the ability to make decisions on the spot for immediate resolution of issues.

If you want to get your team on the same page, communication is the key. Still on the fence about what a live chat app can do for your business? Here are the benefits of having a team chat app like Rocket Chat in your company.

Real-Time Communication

If you are one of those who doesn’t want to be swamped with emails, live chat apps are a great alternative. Emails are not designed for quick back and forth conversations, they require a title and lengthy paragraphs. Besides, a long email chain can be hard to navigate.

With a live chat app, team members can share information in direct messages and group chats. Short snippets of information can be shared back and forth without clogging up inboxes. Not all teams love video conferencing, they can be just as burdensome to people’s schedules as phone conferencing. Live chat apps make things simple, instant, and streamlined.

More Productivity

Almost all of us have experienced being in unproductive meetings that waste time. Live chat allows teams to stay focused and address specific issues quickly in real-time.

No need to set up a team meeting to discuss problems takes an hour or more from everyone’s calendar. Questions and concerns are easily addressed with access to the right information in just a few clicks.

With more and more companies having remote workforces, we need collaboration tools like live chat apps to eliminate unproductive meeting times. Team chats are a key element to more productive team collaboration. Keeping in touch and being aware of each other’s actions make sure that everyone is working toward a common goal.

File Storage and Sharing

The best live chat apps give users the ability to share files related to a project and store them in the cloud for easy access. Email is best viewed on a desktop. Live chat apps can be used on mobile apps which is great for business people who travel extensively. Chat conversations can be done with your iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC.

Employee Engagement

Emails are dry and impersonal for some people. Team messaging apps like Rocket Chat allows employees to engage in a more personal manner. Workstreams shouldn’t be business-related all the time.

Unlike outdated communication tools, live chat conversations are rich and multi-dimensional. You can create a chat stream that updates everyone about exciting family news or personal information that a team member wants to share in the chatroom.

If you don’t like mixing business with personal stuff, you can create a chat stream with the sole purpose of sharing personal news that team members can check during their free time.

Need Help Setting Up Rocket Chat?

Most businesses have shifted from email to some form of team chat software. Now is the best time to reap the benefits of having your own open-source live chat software with Rocket Chat.

For newbie web administrators, RocketChat can be a complex app to set up on a self-hosted server. Our team of infrastructure experts has come up with a turnkey solution. You can now have a docker stack for RocketChat with amazing features without the headaches of having to set up everything on your own.

Just pay a one-time fee and we will set everything up for you. After set up is completed, you only pay for the cost of hosting which can be from $100 to $500 a month for up to 500 users.

If you prefer a fully managed experience with dedicated support get in touch with us today. Our open source app experts would love to discuss ways on how you can benefit from self-hosting Rocket Chat.

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