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Are You Having A Hard Time Growing Your Interior Design Business?

Are you having a hard time growing your interior design business? In this guide, we will provide you with 20 actionable tips that you can use to build up the customer base for your interior design business. With the right strategies and tactics, you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

Branded Items

People love freebies, and what better way to thank your customers for their patronage than giving them some branded accents such as pewter business cardholders or modern drink coasters with your company’s logo, slogan, contact information, and a “Thank You for Your Business” message on them? Not only are these items valuable, but they also act as great conversation pieces which can direct more people toward your services.

Know Your Target Audiences & How/Where To Engage Them

If you genuinely want to grow your interior design business, you must first identify who you want to target as customers. Ask yourself questions: are there many house flippers or young families who may need remodeling services? What styles do they prefer – open concept or rustic? Where would they likely see advertisements for interior design services? Once you have answers to these questions, you can determine the demographic of individuals most likely to require your services and how best to engage them.

Wrap Your Vechicle

Design-savvy people know trends and fashion when they see them – this extends off the walls and furniture of their houses into their vehicles! A car with your company’s color scheme, logo, slogan, and contact information prominently displayed can do wonders to build brand credibility. Make sure there is space on the car for artwork showcasing any photos of revised designs, too – this will give potential customers an idea of what kind of work they can expect from hiring you. Additionally, including promotional codes on the vehicle gives people more incentive to try out your services due to savings, so ensure that it is featured prominently!

Look for Education (Licenses and Certifications) and Testimonials

It’s essential to establish credibility when running an interior design business. This can be done by displaying licensures and certifications, as well as testimonials that attest to the competency of your services. These references should confirm the effectiveness of your company, such as your ability to go above and beyond what was asked for, deliver projects on time and within budget, or exhibit superior style and expertise compared to other competitors. Furthermore, it’s beneficial if these references come from high-profile businesses whose reputation is already known to instill trustworthiness.

List Yourself In Online Directories and Online Marketplaces for Services

In today’s digital age, if you want your interior design business to stay afloat, you need a presence online. Don’t let the technology intimidate you – there are platforms for those wishing to list their businesses in directories or marketplaces. Examples include Houzz, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and Home Advisor. Also, research how many other interior design businesses exist in your area; doing so will better understand how much competition there is out there.

Know How Sellers Get Business From Online Marketplaces

When attempting to acquire business through online marketplaces, ranking highest in consumer search results is critical; customers are likely more likely to choose the company placed higher than one lower down the list – especially if it has positive reviews of five stars or more. It’s, therefore, essential that thoughts of your services reflect positively on the quality of work that you produce; providing an incentive for contractors to do their best work could potentially increase the likelihood of receiving good ratings.

Show That You Are Socially And Environmentally Responsible

It’s essential for any company, particularly one dealing with home decor, to take steps towards reducing its impact on social welfare and our planet Earth. Fairtrade practices should be implemented along with recyclable materials as viable alternatives that don’t compromise comfort or style; also, look into ways to use products made locally, thus driving demand away from emissions-heavy imports.


If referrals from former customers become a steady source of business, then being kind and helpful towards them must take priority over being solely an interior designer – leave lasting impressions by showing genuine care when dealing with anyone who visits your workplace or contacts you online! Doing so increases the likelihood they will recommend your services instead of another company when given an opportunity.

Stand Apart From Your Competition

Making yourself stand out is crucial to maintaining good publicity when marketing yourself online; interactive websites with quizzes that help prospective clients decide upon a particular look or design style might give rise to media coverage! The Laurel & Wolf example demonstrates this possibility perfectly; their creative website earned them recognition on a popular news site because it provided something different than what was expected from an interior designer’s website at the time – taking risks could pay off immensely!

Partner with Popular Online Businesses

If your client has a pet or household item that sheds, they may need a cleaning agent. Consider partnering with an environmentally friendly cleaning product provider or a cleaning services company to sell these things to clients as discount add-ons in exchange for a share of the revenue. You can also use this to cross-promote your and your partner’s business by listing each other as partners or mentioning one another in social media posts or publicity materials. It’s great to get some incredible publicity for you and your partner! Brainstorm potential partnership opportunities that can help your business grow.

Leverage Other Promotional Opportunities

Do you have access to any local TV channels, such as daytime talk shows or news programs? Check if there are any community newspapers, too – these are great avenues for promotional activities where local businesses can be showcased! Reach out to the TV show producers to pitch regular interior design segments with a company representative, or suggest one of your products or services for inclusion in suitable components. Public relations firms also specialize in creating these kinds of opportunities, so consider joining forces with them – they often come with their own set of media contacts.

Connect with Influencers

Look into securing the backing of a media personality or any other influential person who could become the spokesperson for your company. It is a fantastic way to draw attention to your business and conveys that you are professional and reputable. Most influencers now enjoy an online presence, meaning they could easily Tweet about you or blog about you – it’s truly limitless! Prioritize research before approaching anyone, and make sure what you’re offering is worth their time and effort and is an incentive for them too!

Have an Active and Engaging Social Media Presence

Make sure you have established active Twitter & Facebook accounts: they are the best networking tools ever! Try offering advice on design issues/concerns through postings & comments – if people comment & share them, more people will see them in their newsfeeds; it helps gain exposure & engage more consumers! Stick to a daily/regular posting routine – it’ll help keep interested alive over time.

Respond to Comments & Messages on Your Social Media & Reviews on Website

Remember: each message directed towards you offers new possibilities & risks alike – make sure you’re efficient, diplomatic & take the appropriate time (if needed) while responding. Don’t let anyone bombard the site with scathing comments, either!

Direct Mail Marketing (Flyers & Letters)

Distribute flyers/letters in neighborhoods where internet usage is lower than usual; offer something unique like promo codes toward first purchases/commissions on referrals (& accompanying sales). Make sure all communications look professional/well-designed; include images of well-staged work done by you. This will ensure no one ends up tossing away flyers without giving them proper thought.

Segmented E-Newsletters

This type of email can be highly effective as it is tailored to each recipient’s needs and habits. For instance, you may send a summer furniture newsletter to customers who have previously worked with you for their annual barbecues or to give their patio an update on the latest trends. Additionally, consider writing content that different audiences will appreciate; someone in their sixties might relate better to a more formal tone of writing, while a millennial might respond positively to something more casual or humorous. Individuals must never receive your e-newsletter without giving express permission first. Otherwise, you will only be annoying those receiving your mail and risk being marked as spam by their email providers. This can lead to blocklisting of your address, causing emails to go directly into recipients’ spam folders. This presents an excellent opportunity; if subscribers agree to sign up, offer them 25% off on their next purchase.

Sponsoring Events

An excellent way of increasing visibility within local communities is through event sponsorship. When locals see you supporting them through various events, they are more likely to remember you and your logo. For example, sponsoring a barbecue at a carnival enables you to place a tent labeled with your logo and branded accessories, such as pins and pens, on the table where event attendees can take them home. Kids love these kinds of giveaways too!

Bulletin and Notice Boards

When sponsoring events such as barbecues at schools, look for potential areas within the premises where advertising materials such as flyers or announcements can be posted – perhaps there is already a bulletin board in the foyer? Take advantage of other places in the community as well – coffee shops, libraries, medical & dental clinics, etcetera are high-traffic locations perfect for advertising purposes. Tip: Get to know the business owners before embarking on promotional activities; consider stopping by for a cup of coffee or use library services so that the clerks become accustomed to you and customers realize who you are.

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