How To Market Your Salon and Hair Styling Services

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The digital age has changed the way we do business. Hairstylists and salon owners as well should learn digital marketing strategies to scale their business and explore new opportunities for profit. Learn ten marketing tips that can help you grow your business:

  1. Learn Social Media Marketing.

Utilize business pages of social media platforms. Your profile page should contain complete information about your hairstyling business, such as your logo or profile picture, your updated contact information, address, store hours, website URL, and business description. It is vital to post content (text, before/after photos, or videos) regularly to establish your social following and online community. If you cannot do it yourself, have someone do your social media account maintenance for you.

  1. Have a Well-Optimized and Responsive Site.

A website is the first thing that potential clients look at when researching your business. Your site should well reflect your brand, with your style, colors, and images portrayed to increase your clients’ brand awareness. On your website, include your complete business information and story, the pictures of your work, appointment booking, and a blog section where you provide site visitors with valuable content. A website helps your business be found on Google, so it matters to focus on your website.

  1. Launch Social Ads Campaigns.

Social media ads are effective in bringing in new clients and promoting your business. Keep in mind that your ads should be personal and friendly. It could contain a quick salon tour, an introduction of your staff members, a list of the services that you provide, and so on. Have a clear objective in mind or a particular promotion that encourages a quick action or is time-sensitive. Assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, ensure that you are getting a Return on Investment (ROI), and gain new clients.

  1. Launch Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep in touch with your clients and keep them updated. Sending out regular newsletters that provide educational content decreases their chances of being deleted. Your email campaigns will help you increase client loyalty and re-booking, and more revenue for your business.

  1. Boost Customer Reviews.

If customers give reviews, they become advocates for your business. In a way, they are publicly showing favor for your business over others, contributing to word-of-mouth marketing. Also, reviews provide social proof. The likelihood of your potential clients booking an appointment with you depends on the reviews that they read. This emphasizes the importance of encouraging customers to leave reviews and managing reviews well.

  1. Build Your Local Network.

Seek out local networking groups in your area, such as Ladies Who Lunch and have great local communities of professional and business owners. Getting connected with them will give you the opportunity to make them knowledgeable about your salon and your approach to beauty. Connect with people from the same beauty and wellness industry.

  1. Organize or Sponsor Local Events.

Organize your beauty and wellness events, or if you cannot do so, participate in activities like marathons, competitions, and wellness fairs. Your target market will likely be present in these events, and these are the perfect venues to show your care for the community.

  1. Run Pay-Per-lick Advertising Campaigns.

Getting on top of search results is a struggle especially for small businesses because huge companies are investing millions in Search Engine Optimization to gain the top spot in organic search results. What you can do is to run PPC ads, so that your website gets on the top spot of search results pages, even before the organic listings. Make sure that you think of catchy Call-to-Action taglines and use captivating images for your ads.

  1. Check Your Credentials.

Business owners should acquire a professional certification or license. Regularly educate yourself to be updated with the latest beauty and haircare trends in a fast-changing industry.

  1. Partner With An Influencer.

Find an influencer that has a lot of online followers or has a considerably extensive network. Offer them a free hair cut. In return, ask them to talk about your services to others or promote your services across their social media platforms. They can take a before and after photo of themselves, a video of your salon tour or services, and more. Offer them a referral program where they get a commission whenever they refer your services to others.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

Need help?

We can guide you in creating an effective marketing plan.

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