How To Market Your House Cleaning Business

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House cleaning business owners should think of ways to market their business to ensure that they get a constant influx of customers and profit. It is vital to build your brand and build the foundation of your business, so that when you begin advertising, everything that you pay for, is made on top of that foundation. If you do not have a foundation in place, which is your marketing, and you begin to advertise, every dollar you spend will bring you nothing in return. Keep in mind that advertising costs money, marketing costs time.

  1. Invest in web design.

A website is essential if cleaning business owners want their business to grow. Why? Customers visit websites that appear on their search queries. If they did not find your site, they are more likely to visit your competitor’s website. You lose your potential customer, and you lose your revenue. Write updated and relevant information about your business and services, your business hours, your service locations, your contact information, and more.

  1. Create social media business pages.

Create a free Facebook business page where you can upload your business logo, photos of you and your staff, and post pictures of cleaning. Write the reason why you are in business, your business hours, your services, and all the different things about your business that a customer needs to know. As you create this and send it to the marketplace, you can pay for targeted Facebook ads.

  1. Launch segmented email marketing campaigns.

Running segmented email marketing campaigns helps you create more customized messages to your current and potential customers. Write clear Call-to-Action phrases to ensure that your readers convert.

  1. Do blogging.

On your website, have a blog section where you write articles on the cleaning services that you provide, cleaning tips, and any content that will prove valuable to your readers. If your readers see something worthwhile in your articles, they are more likely to explore your website, remember you as a service provider, and avail your services when a need arises.

  1. Utilize paid advertising.

After establishing your business’ foundation, you can start running Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns depending on your budget. PPC ads will help your site get the top spot on organic search results whenever potential customers seek your services online.

  1. Create free coupons.

Print coupons that offer free cleaning services, with your brand and contact information on it. Keep in mind, this marketing method works, because everyone likes to get free stuff. Once they love your service and see how good a cleaner you are, they will come back and avail of your service.

  1. Create a flyer.

Giving out flyers is a traditional marketing method that still works. Printing flyers need not be expensive. You can print two simple flyers on one page using black ink on a white piece of paper. You can then deliver these to neighborhoods. Print flyers at your home printer to save on costs. Using flyers, you can quickly establish your brand and raise people’s awareness without spending too much.

  1. List your business on online directories.

List your business on online directories like Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. Make sure that your NAP details are updated and consistent to help you rank better and higher on search results.

  1. Create local partnerships or sponsor events.

Make partnerships with local businesses — post flyers on their establishments. In return, do something in their favor. Sponsor local events such as competitions and marathons to increase your brand exposure and people’s awareness of your brand.

  1. Get reviews.

Encourage your customers to give reviews in exchange for a gift, a coupon, or a discount. Your goal is to have as many reviews possible, be it negative or positive. What is essential is you put your reviews out there and show that your business indeed has customers. Highlight positive reviews and respond to negative ones.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

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