How to Market Your Handyman Business

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The handyman business can be very tough to be profitable. Apart from their work, handymen need to take care of other things such as contacting their customers, handling accounts, marketing their business, and more. Marketing strategies will help your handyman business to continue to operate and grow.

  1. Develop A Professional Website.

With a well-designed and optimized website, it would be easy for your potential customers to fill out an order form. Make sure that your site has an appealing landing page with a clear Call-to-Action, your complete details, description, gallery, order form, appointment setting feature, and more. Your website should be optimized and mobile responsive.

  1. Get Listed on Online Directories.

Create a Google My Business Page with your complete business information (name, address, phone number) and photos of your work to help your site appear on top of organic search results. Create a Yelp profile. Have your site listed on top online directories and niche-specific listings such as Nextdoor and Home Advisor. These sites will help you establish your credibility as a business owner, collect reviews from satisfied customers, and improve your SEO if you do have a website.

  1. Get Your Business On Social Media.

Facebook and Instagram are great free marketing tools that work well together. Strive to create posts daily, or if not possible, try posting several times a week. What is important is being consistent. Post a photo of what you are working on, a description, and a link back to your website. Through these, you can build your online following and community.

  1. Follow Best Practices in Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website, learn the best practices in SEO and regularly update yourself with the latest search engine trends. Optimize your site pages, titles, content, images, headings, subheadings, tags, and more. Make sure that you do keyword research. List down the top and specific keywords for your business. Also, focus on white hat SEO practices so as to avoid having penalties.

  1. Conduct Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

SEO coupled with PPC advertising will do wonders for your business. That means, your website will have more chances of appearing on page 1 of search results because the first three or four listings on search results pages contain paid ads. All you have to do is to combine these techniques to increase the likelihood of your customers clicking your site link/s. Write catchy titles and page descriptions for your PPC ads.

  1. Have A YouTube Channel.

Document your work through a before-and-after video or a timelapse and upload these on your YouTube channel. Your channel should contain your business logo or your profile picture, a cover photo that well represents your business, and links to your social media accounts and website. Most potential customers would first watch how you do your work before they hire you.

  1. Create A Blog.

On your website, add a blog section where you regularly write original and valuable content to your site visitors. Your blog posts may not be only about you and the services that you offer. You may provide them with relevant content such as tips on how to maintain their homes and how to do simple repair work. Add photos and videos to your blog posts.

  1. Create Partnerships.

Partnerships will work for your business by giving you more business and revenue growth opportunities. You can widen your network and online following. Partner with a local establishment, for instance, wherein you advertise their products and services and doing the same for you, in return. Partner with influencers. Offer them your services for free, in exchange for posting some photos and videos of your work on their social media accounts, blogs, or YouTube channels.

  1. Start A Referral Program.

Create a program with your partners in which you give them a commission for every successful referral. Generate unique referral codes for them. Also, offer discounts to your customers who successfully refer you to someone they know. We all know that word-of-mouth marketing is still a strategy that works.

  1. Sponsor Local Events.

Join or sponsor local events where your target market is. Join clean-up drives, marathons, fairs, and more. Remember to prepare materials or banners that have your business name, logo, and social media accounts. Again, this will create an affinity between you and your potential customers, so whenever a need arises, your business would be the first one to come into their minds.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

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