How To Market Your Construction Company

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Marketing is vital to any business. But marketing your construction company is different from marketing any other kind of business. Follow these tips to help you grow your business:

  1. Build a professional website that converts.

A perfect website should have an attractive design, mobile responsiveness, SEO, and a landing page that has your complete business details and a clear Call-to-Action. You are missing out on the game if you do not have a business website. You are just letting your competitors take over the online market. Invest in a good website and allot for website maintenance.

  1. Utilize CRM.

With Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you can set up plenty of things, such as automation. When your site visitor fills out a lead form, it gets automatically inputted in the CRM. You can then take other such as email automation, follow-up, sales stages, and more.

  1. Launch Automated Email Marketing Campaigns.

Once you have set up your CRM, you can launch email marketing automation for your leads and customers. When somebody becomes a lead, you can set up automated campaigns that send them additional information like your business process or some trusted reviews. Stand out from your contractors.

  1. Boost Your Business’ Online Reputation

A big factor when people are searching for contractors is their online reputation. So, reviews management is indispensable to your company. Focus on building your online reviews and having plenty of four- or five-stars on Google. Respond to negative reviews or even offer discounts to dissatisfied customers. Reviews will help your construction business go a long way.

  1. Get Listed on Online Directories.

Get listed on local business sites and on online directories that are relevant to your business. You can use Haus, for contractors. Make sure that your listings contain consistent and updated information (Name, Address, Phone), and are well-optimized. Include photos of your previous work. Doing so will help you increase your ranking on search results.

  1. Organic and Paid Search Marketing.

Depending on your contracting business, you should use appropriate and top search keywords. Research and list top keywords for your business. There is also the paid search marketing. On the search results page, there are three or four listings on top of the page, with Maps included below that, and then the organic listings. If your website gets in all three of those, your potential customers are more likely to click on your site links.

  1. Run Social Targeting Ads.

Run targeted social marketing ads in your area. To do so, run ad campaigns on social networking sites then pick a targeted demographic and location. If you consistently run ad campaigns on social media, you can build people’s awareness of your brand. That means, when they need your service, they are more likely to remember your business first than anyone else’s.

  1. Be Social.

Being active on at least one or two social media sites is essential for your business. To do so, you need to write your complete business details, regularly post content including photos and videos of your work, respond to customer queries, manage online social reviews, and more. Establish your online following and build your online reputation. In turn, your potential customers will see that you mean business and will use your services.

  1. Get Referrals.

Word-of-mouth marketing works in any business type. Ask your customers to refer your services to others in exchange for a discount. In time, your customers will increase, and the same with your revenue.

  1. Create A YouTube Channel.

Aside from search engines, people would also turn to YouTube for their search queries. YouTube provides a visual and a real experience to your potential customers. Start owning a YouTube channel now, so that you would not miss out on other market sources. Take videos of yourself and your employees doing the work, and regularly upload them. Remember to utilize hashtags properly, to ensure that your videos get found.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

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