How to Market Your Auto Detailing Business

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Auto-detailing business owners should realize that they should be media and marketing businesses first before they establish their business and go into the actual detailing job. The following marketing tips will help you dominate your local market:

  1. Have a YouTube channel.

As a service provider, you need to show your customers how good you are with your job. Take a camera or a smartphone with you, and always take videos of yourself while doing auto-detailing. According to surveys, people also turn to YouTube when they are hunting for services. Launch your YouTube channel and gain your online following now.

  1. Get listed.

Get listed on online business directories. Make sure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent to help your website rank high on search queries. Make sure you have listings on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. Also, have a Google My Business account.

  1. Partner with influencers.

Partner with bloggers, vloggers, and other social media influencers. Offer them free auto-detailing services in exchange for promoting your services on their social media accounts. Ask them to video your services or take photos of your work to help you increase your online visibility.

  1. Own a website.

A website is vital if you want your business to gain online visibility and raise people’s awareness of your brand. To obtain an edge over your competitors, you need to have a website with your complete business details, and a simple blog. Check if your site is mobile-responsive; that is, it will work across gadgets and screen sizes.

  1. Observe search engine optimization.

Use SEO best practices so that you remain visible online. Do keyword research, utilize keywords, write compelling descriptions, and optimize images, headers, titles, and tags. Create SEO content. These techniques will help your website rank high on search results.

  1. Do social media marketing.

Have accounts on at least two social media. Utilize free business pages features. Use your business logo as your profile picture, upload photos and videos of your work, respond to customer questions, post content regularly, and provide links to your website pages. In no time, you can have regular social media following and establish your brand visibility.

  1. Create partnerships.

Become partners with local establishments in exchange for advertising their services. Post your flyers on these local establishments. Ask them to refer you to interested customers. Be creative as you enter these partnerships.

  1. Utilize PPC.

Once you have a budget for paid ads, you can start running your PPC campaigns. What is good about PPC is that you are only charged whenever someone clicks on your ads. Also, PPC will help you be in the top three spots of organic search results.

  1. Gather online reviews.

Use online reviews to help your website rank high on organic search results. As people continuously mention your business, search engines are more likely to trust your site. A company that has online reviews has a greater chance of gaining new customers. So, learn to utilize your customer reviews. Encourage your customers to give you reviews in exchange for a gift card, discount or a coupon. Learn the best practices in responding to reviews by dissatisfied customers. Maybe, you can offer them a money-back or a premium for their next purchase.

  1. Establish your credibility.

Establish your credibility by gaining certification and by joining professional auto detailing associations. Grow a network of professional auto detailers. Your qualifications will speak for you. In time, you will gain customers who trust you.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

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