Introductory Guide to ERP for Maine Businesses

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Technology has transformed the way we live and how we do business in Maine and worldwide. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is among the most widely deployed and integrated business applications in many organizations and industries. Many deployments save companies thousands a year in double entry, no longer missing deadlines, and improving customer satisfaction. We have been working with many businesses around the state to help define how such a system can improve their business.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software utilizes an open source framework of modules that enhance a business’s planning, administration, and operational control. Our open source system includes software modules to aid common business in accounting, customer relationships, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing, project management, the point of sale, etc. Our business management software is fully integrated solutions; all of the modules have seamless access to all of your information, allowing you to purchase inventory, manage your inventory, item distribution over your enterprise, and so much more.

Complete Integrated Apps

The systems that inspired the modern ERP systems designed to connect your entire enterprise were originally conceived to manage a company’s inventory. ERP applications have evolved from material requirements planning, derived from the development of Inventory Administration & Control conceived in the 1960s. While the modern ERP system has several integrated modules, providing a framework for developing procedures to integrate enterprise-wide back-end procedures.

Mapping Business Processes And Procedures

Our open source ERP software integrates your business procedures across departments to an enterprise-wide information system. The major advantages of enterprise resource planning are improved communication across the business, iimproved efficiency, andmore insightful decisions. The most business we deal with have complex problems that they need to be solved; we have some of the best consultants and engineers in the state of Maine to help our clients solve their problems. When an ERP system is executed right it helps to facilitate day-to-day management and allows the business to become more efficient.

Causes Of ERP Implementation Failures

I couldn’t end the introduction to open source ERP systems by mentioning some of the issues that can impede or cause implementation failures. We have covered four elements of what an ERP means for any business, the ERP software, business process and procedures, the users of the company, and the integration of the software into your business. You must be involved in every aspect of the implementation; your employee needs to buy into the new system, have proper training on how the software functions. While we can deploy a system for a business for a few months for most businesses without the client leading the charge and promoting change through the company, an ERP deployment has a high risk of failing.

Why Choose Pegas

Here at Pegas Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to working with businesses in Maine to exceed your expectations with all of your information technology needs. By hiring some of the best ERP consultants in the state, we will be able to help you reduce operation cost, improve your efficiency, increase sales, boost your customer satisfaction, and gain meaningful insight into your business. We would love to help your business become more productive and tolve all of your Icompany’s informationtechnology needs  Give us a call at (207) 835-4053 to get started today.

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