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While implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is considered essential for business by some individuals, others prefer to stick to a relatively simpler solution such as the old-fashioned accounting software. In the word of enterprise resource planning, a prominent name for any organization has been the ERPNext while the ones are sticking to simpler accounting software, prefer to make use of QuickBooks. In this blog, we would like to compare and contrast the two software to let you make an informed decision about the one that can turn out to be a better, more useful and a cost-effective option for your business.


The prominent features that are offered by ERPNext are listed below:

  • It offers cross-compatibility with remarkable flexibility
  • It offers a built-in calendar and an otherwise more comprehensive user interface
  • It has a built-in to-do list for projects and incorporates a messaging and social networking service
  • It has an embedded reporting system with time log entries
  • It serves the purpose of accounting along with calculation of taxes and is compatible with multiple different currencies
  • It incorporates quotations, sales, support requests, and a comprehensive system for management and communication reporting
  • It offers a production planning tool with a built-in inventory warehouse management
  • It allows management of leaves and attendance
  • It allows employee appraisal and expense claim submission
  • It offers a platform for designing a website

Now that you are familiar with what the ERPNext solution has to offer, it is time to take a good look at what QuickBooks can do for your business.


The following features are incorporated in the QuickBooks accounting software:

  • Customization of email templates, compatible with multiple attachments, and incorporation of all the income producing transaction in one category.
  • All banking transaction can be viewed, and bounced checks can be tracked.
  • Customer forms are more simplified, key reports can be viewed with a single click, and navigation is relatively convenient.
  • The contact information of employees, vendors, and customers is available.
  • A built-in lead and document center along with the calendar view.
  • Other users created templates can be used.
  • Memorized transactions.
  • Customer snapshot can be viewed.
  • Upon exporting to excel, worksheet formatting can be saved. Invoices and forms are more professional in appearance.
  • Customer payments, sales, and sales taxes can be tracked.
  • Estimate and invoices can be sent via Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.
  • Inventory can be tracked; purchase orders can be created, and reorder points can be set via a single
  • Deposit slips can be easily created and printed.
  • Pay bills and checks can be printed, and expenses can be tracked.
  • Built-in report center. Capacity to import via any email address books including excel.
  • Compatible with three users at a time.
  • Copy creation for the accountant.
  • Credit card or even bank transactions can be downloaded.
  • File payroll taxes and pay W2 employees.
  • Import from Microsoft Office Accounting, Quicken, Excel, and older versions of QuickBooks.


Take a good look at the features and pricing of both the software mentioned above, and you’d be able to make an informed decision about the one that your business needs currently. Both the software have their pros and cons, so it all comes down to the pricing and the features that you are looking for. Go through them thoroughly and then spend your money wisely.

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