Why Your Small Business should Be Using Document Capture Software

Document capture is the important step of any document management system where physical documents are converted into digital form and stored electronically. As more and more organizations are making a move to going paperless, document capture solutions enable them to store, manage, and retrieve all their documents digitally.

Without a DMS in place, however, document capture would involve having each document delivered to the person it is intended for and having them file and store it appropriately. Document capture isn’t just about scanning physical documents, however. It also takes into electronic account documents whether received over a network or created locally in the organization. After all, data is easier and more securely backed up digitally rather than physically.

Any organization has a large number of electronic documents as well. Document capture enables you to tie relevant documents together whether physical or digital. It also uses technology like OCR to enable scanning of scanned documents for keywords so that searching for needed documents through a DMS becomes easier and quicker.


Document capture facilitates and brings many benefits to an organization which is interconnected in a way that makes their effect and impact unlikely to be fathomed until experienced personally.

Go Paperless

Going paperless alone is a huge benefit that cuts down costs, drives efficiency, and gets rid work of tedious paperwork management processes.


Document capture processes can be automated and run without the need for human interference. This frees up time for your employees to perform their core duties instead of wasting time spent in managing, filing, and retrieving physical documents.


Data security is more important than ever today for each company as they are also held responsible for it by law. Manual processing of documents provides opportunities for theft and third-party viewing, all of which can be eliminated with the use of technology when your documents are managed digitally.

Regulatory Compliances

There is a need enforced by law for companies to make information available and that is made easier through document capture. If done correctly, these digitally captured copies of your documents can also be used for legal purposes.

Increased Productivity

When all paperwork and needed information is available to your employees digitally, it makes them easier for them to compile all content needed for their jobs in one place so that they can be more productive instead of searching and filtering for documents.

Manage Storage and Space

While paper documents require physical space to be stored, electronic ones do not. The size of information is only bound to increase over time, and therefore document capture provides the ability to free up physical space by storing all your documents digitally.

Manage Access

When all your information is stored and managed digitally, access levels are easier to design and implement. Employees can be restricted to accessing documents relevant to their work and nothing else.


Many document capture solutions provide the facility for automatic importing of documents right when they are created or received, requiring no additional effort from you.

Ultra-Fast Retrieval

Electronic documents can be retrieved instantly but physical ones? Document capture uses technologies like Optical Character Recognition to scan and integrate physical text documents into your digital database so that they too can be searched for and retrieved instantly.

Time for Change

Although your business may have survived on manual document management, it is time for a change, and for a good reason. Manual data capture solutions are outdated, costly and inefficient. Refusing to evolve and adapt to the digital trends of today will cost you not money, but time, productivity, and quality as well. Automated document capture is much faster, much more efficient, and greatly saving on both cost and resources.

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