Nextcloud – Passman an Open Source Password Manager

Passman is an open source password manager that allows you to post and secure all of your passwords using your Nextcloud or ownCloud instance. It is not only very easy to use but also makes sure that all of your data and passwords are safe and secure. All the encryption of the data is done on the client end so that even the people who are working for Passman have no idea about the information that you save on it. This shows how secure of a password manager it is. One of the best things about Passman is that it is the completely open source. People and developers from all over the world can contribute to making Passman a more safe and secure password manager. One of the most attractive features of Passman is the application via which you can easily view your password vault on the go by using your smartphone.

Features and Benefits:

  1. One of the major benefits of using Passman is that all the credentials and passwords are encrypted on client’s side making all the data safe and secure from the beginning.
  2. The vault that is generated at the client’s end has a unique key which is never sent to the server so that anyone other than the client can access no information.
  3. Another great benefit of using Passman is that it allows the user to make custom fields in the credentials allowing you to store more information than just passwords.
  4. The Passman password manager has a built-in OTP which is One Time Password Generator.
  5. One of the best and most interesting features of Passman is that it has a password analyzer. This tells the user if their password is strong or weak.
  6. The Passman password manager has an internal system of sharing passwords which makes the data safe and secure from any cybercriminal
  7. The internal password transfer is done via a safe and secure link which cannot be accessed by anyone else.
  8. The Android-based application is a major plus point of the password which allows the user to access their vault securely on their smartphone.
  9. Browser extensions is a major advantage and a very attractive feature of Passman which allows the user to integrate their browser with the application and use their vault on their browsers.
  10. Passman can import passwords from various other password management software such as KeePass, LastPass,
  11. Passman allows different users to share passwords amongst them by using a secure link.
  12. The browser extensions of Passman are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

In a time where people are active on various social media and other digital credential based accounts, it becomes very difficult to remember all the usernames and passwords. This is especially because according to the security experts it is necessary to keep different passwords for all your accounts. This is where Passman comes into play because it can easily manage all the passwords of the user.

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