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Students, researchers, and teachers that are in the education department usually deal with a large amount of data. There is a lot of data traveling in the education sector such as research papers, thesis reports, assignments, etc. all of this data needs to be properly managed and maintained. Proper management of this data will benefit not only students but also teachers and paper checkers. This is exactly why the education version of Nextcloud was made. The main aim of making a specialized Nextcloud for education system is to ensure that a large amount of important data can be easily shared across multiple platforms and among different departments and educational institutes. One of the most important things in a university is a data management system that is not only scalable but also reliable and under control of the internal IT department of the institution. This is exactly where Nextcloud’s education version comes into play. It provides both teachers and students with a platform which is easy to use and easy to manage and can hold all of their important information in a safe and secure method.

Features and Benefits:

  1. The education edition of Nextcloud consists of some different applications that can be easily installed on the Nextcloud
  2. These applications include Moodle, Zenodo, SAML, Circles, Dashboard,
  3. One of the most attractive features of education version of Nextcloud is the ease of use that it offers to its customers. It one of the main reasons why educational institutions across the globe are switching to it.
  4. Group management is another major benefit that Nextcloud offers to its customers. Mostly students and teachers are working in an everchanging group environment. Nextcloud makes it easier for them to manage these groups.
  5. Another major feature of Nextcloud is that it is capable of working on various The main reason for adding this feature is that universities cannot restrict the students from using only a single platform.
  6. Another amazing feature of Nextcloud’s education edition is that students can directly comment on other people’s work and tag their friends in relevant files making the whole education environment more productive.
  7. The education edition also comes with real-time editing and allows the students to have secure audio and video chats which result in increased communication and gets more work done on time.
  8. Nextcloud can be easily integrated into any university’s internal management system and make it more efficient and effective.
  9. Although the data is available to some users the security of this data is never compromised, and checks are always in place to make sure that nothing is used in a way that it is not supposed to be used.
  10. A few of the major customers of Nextcloud are the Technical University Berlin and Queens University.
  11. All the applications available for education version are fully open sourced and can be easily installed by any student or faculty member.

With an exponential increase in some students and the data that is being transferred in the education systems on a daily basis, it has become necessary for most of the educational institutions to have a good management platform in place. Nextcloud’s education version is the best product available on the market.

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