How Nuxeo can help your business


In this technology-driven society, media files are becoming a major part of almost every business in town. Pictures, videos, and many other media assets have become core to many business applications and have a major impact on the type of processing that is happening in your organization and the division of workload. Content nowadays is delivered on many different devices delivery channels are not fixed anymore and they can’t be addressed by legacy technology stacks. Moreover, data models are changing dynamically, and you need to prepare yourself for the challenges of having a flexible and scalable ECM platform.

Now, What Part Does Nuxeo Play In Helping Someone’s Business Out?

By embedding Nuxeo into our existing IT systems and devices, we maximize the use and productivity of our existing systems and processes with Nuxeo’s API-first architecture. It also enables employees to work with specific applications, where they are most productive while maintaining a detailed check on security and compliance with native integration. Nuxeo provides connectors to services like Google Drive, or Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many others.

Nuxeo also helps us in Realizing the full potential of every asset. It actually builds a solution that can have an infinite number of data attributes as it clearly helps in realizing the complete value of every single asset. It can be used without being limited by asset type, complexity or not even size. This quality of Nuxeo will enable you to deploy even the most complex business workflows and data models at enterprise scale, mirroring your business.

Now, Why Do We Really Need Nuxeo?

In today’s market, to make our business successful, we need to unlock the full value of all digital assets to drive digital transformation. For doing that we need to tackle the following issues and for finding the perfect solution of these problems, Nuxeo is becoming very important for our business.

  • Content nowadays is made up of complex objects, and not the old, flat metadata sets
  • The variety of content types and the number of delivery channels is increasing exponentially
  • Content is now larger in size and throughput.

If our data model is constantly evolving, then Nuxeo, with its flexible data model, that can transform data into highly valuable assets, with infinite attributes and no restrictions on the size or type of complex objects, can save you from a lot of trouble.

If your workflows actually are more like active and dynamic processes, then you can easily define content lifecycles, all of your complex business workflows and process automation that meets your business needs exactly, with the help of Nuxeo.

The ECM solution that can surely help us with large and complex data model is the Nuxeo platform. It has a user-friendly UI, query, scalable processing and storage subsystems. The Nuxeo Platform has also been tested and benchmarked to the tune of up to 1 billion documents. To manage the digital assets of different businesses, Nuxeo is proving itself in the market and is helping countless business out, so that they can actually make a name for themselves in town.

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