How Document Capture Software can help your Maine Business


When a Maine small to medium business start to become paperless and take a modern approach to document management they can spend hours importing their documents into an open source enterprise content management (ECM) system. Systems like Alfresco and Nuxeo come with documents storage repositories, record management, workflows, etc. It can become tedious and expensive to import and catalog every document. In this post will examine various ways documents are ingested in ECM systems. Capture typically consists of acquiring raw data and processing it in some way then.

How Document Capture Software Can Help You

When you start to look at adding your documents to your new ECM you should look at a document capture software, like Choroscan. It is one of the most flexible and cost-effective solutions that we have had the pleasure of using. It has helped out clients increase efficiency and save them the money they would have to pay some to manually sort and upload the document.

Unreadable PDF’s To Something Usable

When paper documents are scanned like invoices, catalog pages, perchance orders they are saves as images or pdf’s that are not readable text. To convert them into readable documents there is a few identification systems we can use. At the moment, these include:

Optical Character Recognition – OCR – used to convert typed document images into text message documents with readable and editable characters
Handwritten Character Reputation – HCR – used to convert handwriting or lettering into text message people. The technology hasn’t yet been perfected
Optical Character Recognition – OMR use to read markings in checkboxes and other pre-defined fields in forms, etc.
Standardized barcodes, allowing the extraction of information using barcode readers
OCR Or Document Capture

If all you are looking for is a readable document and not processing thousands of documents then you don’t have to worry about document capture software. Let’s say that you have thousands of invoices over the last five years of business and you would like to automate sort the documents into the correct folders in the ECM and also extract key information to input into your business management software. Here are some of the features of a document capture software.

  • Document Capture Easily scans documents and capture all of the important information you need to be sorted automatically.
  • Zonal OCR, Create powerful templates that allow you to create zones of documents and select only the information you.
  • Watched Hot Folders, Have many scanners and save into a “hot folder” and Chronoscan can automatically execute your configurations.
  • Document Separation, Create documents types and separate document quickly, manually or based on rules saving to time.
  • Bar Code Capabilities, Chronoscan can extract barcodes and use them for a database, exporting, file naming, etc.
  • XML/CSV Export, Automatically take key data from document and export into a CSV file without user interaction.
  • Data Extraction, Take important document information like invoice numbers and import into external systems accordingly.
  • PDF Data Extraction, Chronoscan has been designed to automate any number to tasks like pdf renaming or data capture.
  • CMIS Ready, Export captured data or document to any system that support CMIS. Like alfresco Nuxeo, or ERPNext.

Why Choose Pegas

Now that you can see how much that this can help your bottom line. Save you countless hours for document management call us and a free consultation. At Pegas Technology Solutions we are dedicated to work with your Maine business and to exceed your expectations. When you work with Pegas you will have access to some of Maine’s top engineers and consultants. We will be able to help you reduce operation cost, improve your efficiency, increase sales, boost your customer satisfaction, and gain meaningful insight into your business. We would love to help your business become more productive and to solve all of your Information technology needs for your company. Give us a call at (207) 835-4053 to get started today.

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