Casebox for Lawyers

Casebox is an attractive and a very easy to manage tool in which you can easily and safely secure all the information of your organization. There are many features in Casebox that can greatly reduce the workload of data management from your organization and make all of your operations smooth and more streamlined. Casebox is especially beneficial for lawyers and law firms because they are often handling a huge amount of data at all times. This data is not only very sensitive but should be managed and organized in a way that it is easily accessible whenever required. Moreover, security of this data is also a very major issue because most of it is case related personal information. Casebox is a very easily customizable application that has the capability of running on multiple platforms. The system can be used for some various purposes such as contact management, human resource management, case data management. Legal firms all over the world are switching to Casebox from their traditional data handling methods because of the ease of access that it provides.

Features and Benefits:

  1. One of the most attractive features of Casebox especially for lawyers is that it is very easy to use. It gives you a familiar and user-friendly interface in which you can drag and drop files.
  2. No special training is required to get familiar with the working environment. Lawyers can easily generate charts and graphs of their case-related
  3. Another feature that makes data handling and accessing data a piece of cake is the amazing search with a filtering system that Casebox
  4. Smart folders are a great benefit of using Casebox because it has the capability of automatically arranging the data in such a way that it is more convenient for you.
  5. With Casebox you can work on multiple tabs at once making the whole process quicker saving your organization time and money.
  6. If mistake deletes any data, it can be easily retrieved because it is placed in a recycle bin.
  7. With Casebox you can either build your forms of integrating your already generated forms into the Casebox application which makes data collection very easy and streamlined.
  8. Casebox offers excellent communication by allowing all the lawyers to comment on the case related files.
  9. One of the most important features that are especially attractive for law firms is the data security that it provides. All the files are locked and under your control.

With data in the law sector increasing exponentially a tool for management of this data is required. This is where Casebox comes into play. By integrating all of your case related data files in one platform that are accessible to multiple lawyers the communication gap can be filled very easily. It is also an amazing tool to keep all of your data well managed and organized.

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