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Casebox is a web-based content management application that can greatly compliment the working structure of any business. Most of the businesses these days are producing a large amount of data on daily basis and it often becomes very difficult to organize and process all of the generated data. Casebox is an interactive tool that can be used to efficiently all of the data that your business is producing. This will greatly increase the efficiency of your business and result in more revenue generation. It is very user-friendly, manageable, affordable and a very strong tool that can greatly increase the working capabilities of your business. Another great benefit of using Casebox is that it is completely open source and anyone can contribute towards its betterment. This allows the application to evolve constantly and add more features that ensure better data management. The system can be extended and used as a contact management, data management, and even a human resource management system.

Features and Benefits:

  1. One of the most attractive features of Casebox that is beneficial for businesses is that it is very easy to use and manage.
  2. The format of Casebox is very familiar and the easy drag and drop feature allows the users to easily organize their projects, contacts, and files.
  3. Casebox is a very efficient data management system allows you easily search different files and get to the required files as quickly as possible.
  4. With Casebox, you can get more work done in less amount of time because it allows you to work on several different tabs at once.
  5. Data collection has become very easy thanks to the feature of Casebox that allows you to make custom forms and also allows you to upload your already existing forms into the system.
  6. Another great feature of Casebox is you can easily assign different tasks to different people of the organization and check for the deadlines of these tasks. This offers a better task management among the organization.
  7. Casebox doesn’t allow the users to sync files across different platforms because it is not only messy but can also compromise the security of files.
  8. Casebox offers a secure login procedure that works on two-step authorization procedure which makes sure that no files are accessible to any unnecessary users.
  9. Security is one of the top priorities of Casebox because most of the data that is generated in a business holds a certain value and hackers and cybercriminals are always on the lookout for weak spots in the security of the system.

With the massive amount of data being generated in businesses these days, it has become necessary for organizations to have a reliable and easy to manage data management and analyzation tool. Casebox is one such application that is being used by many organizations across the globe. The main reason for its success is the number of attractive features that it offers to its customers.



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