Sentrifugo an Open Source Human Resource Management System


Technology has undoubtedly changed our lives, the way that society works, and the workplace. The world has changed dramatically the way we used to manage it. The digital world has transformed the workplace massively with all new software solutions. Looking forward to a profitable and successful business, in the long run, you need a knowledgeable and an expert HR professional. HR needs to be more attentive to manage, organize and lead the team in a more radical way.

The new form of human resources management (digital HR) requires the fluency of design thinking, videos, behavioral economics, mobile apps. This talented management software has grown rapidly over the year and has moved to mobile devices as well. You can buy these core HRMS for using performance and talent management, online learning, employee engagement and employee communication. This cloud-based system has other functions as well, such as external recruitment (which you can expand like never before), glass door, career building and it is turning out to be great as it comes up with some new technology and functionality to market.

While we talk about digital HR, let’s not forget one of the best vendors for this software so far – Sentrifugo, which gives us some of the best methods for an organization which includes the authenticity of your employees working within the workplace. It includes some of the best possible and flexible solutions which can be customized and managed to meet your needs. Moreover, it can track all details regarding your employee and maintains the roles and privileges of your organization.

Sentrifugo has designed some excellent modules for managers to accomplish their employees’ performances over a specific period and managers can even provide performance feedback and offer suggestions for them. Additionally, the management can help in defining their workers to provide the target for their objectives. Sentrifugo also features another convenient concept of administration and paperwork, allowing employees to access and modify their information. The employee self-service model also includes efficiently managing and scheduling meetings and events on the availability of teammates.

Also, using an analytic board range feature the manager can define long and short-term goals, setting the course for the organization together with, users’ activity in the activity log section where the employees are mentioned according to their departments it can generate reports in Excel or PDF. The management has options for the entire business unit to settle the decisions according to some working hours, permission to transfer leave, fix workers leave for the holiday which includes centralizing the leave summary of all employees.

This software also includes other remarkable aspects which consist of background checks which track business progress, services which include submission of requests and report incidents. Sentrifugo software modules also include scheduling interviews, short listing and selecting candidates. This desirable human resource management system software is a fine choice for any working place as it comprises the best ideas to manage a corporate as well as it is easy to set up, configure and use.

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