What To Consider When Opting For The Office 365 Migration

The digital world is constantly changing. And sometimes keeping up with these constant changes can be overwhelming. However, this does not take out the need to be on par with these changes. Staying up to date with technological advancements is even more important if you are in the business world. If you do not adapt to the pre-existing changes of technology, your business will lose its value.

That said, most of us, if not all are aware of the latest change that most businesses are now implementing: the 365 office Migration. However, before you venture into it, there are a few things that you need to consider. Let us have a look at some of them.

Evaluate Preexisting Conditions and post

Before you move or migrate to the 365 Office, you have to consider and gauge the pre-existing conditions of your current system to determine whether or not the migration will work out. This will also allow you to access whether or not the system you wish to move will be effective and successful. This also involves evaluating the software that you are planning to move. Examples of what you should look out for is the version of the software, network abilities and so forth.

The Type Of Migration To Use

There are three types of migrations that you can use as a company:

  • Remote move migration
  • A staged migration
  • A cut over migration
  • IMAP migration

The type of migration you choose to use as a company can be determined by how long you wish to move mailboxes for, and how many. Your decision is also influenced greatly by the type of messaging system that your company uses. The great advantage of these methods of migration is that they take out the need for a migration server. Hence, the performance is much better and faster as compared to previous versions that relied on servers such as Exchange 2007.

Licensing Needs

One has to consider the type of licensing needs involved in migrating. Licensing can be very costly and has to be dealt with effectively. However, one of the best advantages that come with the 365 Office is the ability to mix and match licenses. Ensure that you can have effective license management methods in place to track the use of licensing. This will go a long way in keeping it less costly.

 Identify Potential Threats

The migration will involve a lot of mailbox movement. This will increase the vulnerability of your information and expose your company to potential risk.  This, however, does not have to be the case.  The right use and implementation of tools that can protect your data will increase security. This can be either by blocking access from unauthorized users and so forth.

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