What  Is Microsoft Azure And It Benefits Your Business

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that IT professionals and developers are using to build, deploy and manage services and applications through a global network of data centers. Initially, it was called Windows Azure, and it provides a broad range of cloud services that one can use to build, develop and deploy new applications wherever they want using tools and frameworks of your choices. Azure has been built on the same trustworthy technologies such as SQL Server, Active Directory and more and this ensures that there is a familiar, consistent and stable environment.

Businesses which use the cloud have real concerns about network availability, safety and downtime swirl which paralyzes their work.  They are now opting to use Microsoft Azure for safety, reliability and fast connections.Using Microsoft Azure has brought solutions to business when one needs cloud-based architecture.

The benefits of having Microsoft Azure for your business are:

  1. Flexibility: it is flexible to use it to meet your computing requirements. You can create new services and scale your data storage capabilities easily without the need for new hardware or deployment of any additional power.  In the case of any fluctuations, it will grow or shrink along with them.
  2. Disaster recovery: it has a high speed and centralized infrastructure which gives some options for disaster recovery plans. The recovery period lasts a few hours instead of days, and this ensures that you get your data and critical application from redundant off-site cloud storage. This means that you will not waste time as you wait for data to be recovered.
  3. It is super-fast: speed is very visible while working with Azure and it can’t be matched with any on-premises or cloud providers. It uses both Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to handle your workload hence you are assured of speed in deployment, scalability, and operations. This increases responsiveness and reduces loading time no matter the site that you are accessing from, and through the integrated tools, you can access any functions faster when you need them.
  4. Cost saving: using Azure ensures that you are cutting down your annual IT budget cost. It is cheaper to get Microsoft Azure than buying physical devices and services which will cost you a lot of money. Also, the provider will maintain, upgrade and repair any equipment on your behalf at no extra cost.  The use of cloud services is usually metered, so you only pay for what you use.
  5. Can be accessed anywhere: any open applications and resources in the cloud make it easier for people in diverse locations to share data and work.  By using tools such as Azure Stack, businesses can use their data centers as a single model and be able to deploy on-premises and to the cloud.
  6. Secure: Cloud services are professionally managed through security solutions, and the provider handles the security patches and updates. This ensures safe and seamless logging in for users, and it doesn’t store any credentials or passwords in the system hence making it hard to be hacked.

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