What Is Microsoft Azure And It Benefits Your Business

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The cost of data storage is skyrocketing especially if you keep it in-house. This is why more and more businesses worldwide are switching to cloud services to help lower data storage costs. The trend in cloud adoption shows how big data has changed today’s business landscape.

Based on a 2018 report by RightScale, around 81% of enterprises have some form of multi-cloud strategy in place, with 38% of those surveyed viewing cloud adoption as a top priority. Choosing the right cloud solutions is challenging due to the numerous platforms available.

The public cloud marketplace is saturated, but three providers have separated themselves from the pack: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the top choices among businesses and has become synonymous with cloud computing.

Azure has the added advantage of being fully integrated with all Microsoft products. If you have an existing Microsoft infrastructure in place, Azure complements all your existing apps and software. Pegas Technology Solutions is here to give you a competitive advantage with Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for Business

Today’s modern businesses will surely benefit from Microsoft Azure. Here are the top business benefits of Azure:


You’ll never know when your business needs to scale for growth. Before you choose any infrastructure for your business, scalability is a concern that needs to be addressed. With Azure’s public cloud framework, your business can increase storage space and computing power on demand. The cloud-based service was designed to scale alongside businesses.

Save on Costs

The upfront costs of on-site data equipment eat up a large portion of a company’s budget. This is why more companies have decided to switch to more cost-effective cloud solutions for data storage. With this move, businesses can eliminate investing in on-site hardware. If you want some of your data kept on private servers, you can build a hybrid cloud environment using Azure’s advanced networking features. For assistance in the deployment and architecture of your hybrid cloud environment, our tech experts can recommend the best setup for you.

High Availability

Microsoft Azure trumps the competition when it comes to availability and redundancy across all its data centers. Microsoft operates in 55 regions all over the world and is available in 140 countries. This makes Azure the ideal application for companies with a global reach. With a service level agreement that ensures 99.95% availability which translates to below 4.5 hours of downtime yearly, no wonder Azure is one of the top choices in cloud environments today.

Secure Environment

When you choose Azure as your cloud service, you get world-class cybersecurity from one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Microsoft’s data centers have two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, and biometric scanners. When you combine this with your existing cybersecurity systems, you get a secure environment that can ward off data breaches, malware, and other cyber attacks.

Microsoft Azure Solutions from Pegas Technology Solutions

If your business wants to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure Cloud, our experts can implement a plan for you and ensure that your IT environment aligns with your long-term business targets. We notice that many businesses struggle when moving to a cloud solution for their business. If you want zero downtime while migrating to the cloud, let our experts handle everything for you.

The planning phase in a Microsoft Azure migration is critical. Making the wrong decisions will cost you more to fix in the end. Our team can guide you through the process; we assess your cloud readiness and understand your current applications and technology environment.

We will come up with a solution that’s customized for your specific needs. It’s right, and you’ll get the most value from your Azure deployment. Once Azure is deployed, we can also track your system’s performance and manage issues when they occur.

Save on costs and get specialty support that can help you squeeze the most out of your Azure deployment. Hiring, training, and retaining Azure experts in-house can be expensive. Please take advantage of our experienced Azure experts by trying out our managed Azure services today. Give us a call or message us on our website. Our Azure expert will gladly give you a personal consultation. Please work with us as we help your business reach its goals with Microsoft Azure.

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