Now is the Best Time to Use Microsoft Office 365 for Business

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It’s quite hard to find people who are not familiar with Microsoft applications. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint have been used in businesses for years. Excel spreadsheets are used in small and small businesses, while Microsoft Word has been the word processor of choice.

These applications are the pillars of enterprise software. Microsoft Office is always a part of any organization’s operations, and Office 365 takes it a step further. Compared to regular Office 2019, Office 365 is cloud-based and runs in your browser. With remote workforces becoming the trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Office 365 is the better alternative since you can connect from anywhere using any device.

The Office 365 versions of the apps are also smarter than their Office 2019 counterparts. Office 365 Apps pull information and make suggestions from the internet, which saves time in performing tasks. The Researcher tool is a good example since the app finds resources to support your topic, saving time in research and referencing.

Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% SLA (service level agreement), which means that there are no chances of downtime on their end. Productivity apps are critical to business operations. Having maximum reliability and zero downtime is a good reason to start subscribing to Office 365.

Top-Notch Security for Office 365

Cybersecurity is an issue that many businesses face, especially since the pandemic started. As more businesses switched to the cloud due to remote workspaces, hackers have targeted companies both large and small. Phishing attacks have gone up since the pandemic started because more email users have switched to the cloud.

With Office 365, all your emails and files are protected by Microsoft Security. An ISO27001 certification backs it, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your data and emails are secure. Office 365 users also benefit from having the latest versions of Office every time they log in. You don’t need to update the applications regularly, unlike before.

This also does away with purchasing new licenses upon expiration. With the latest versions, you benefit from added features as each update is released. Our 365 experts can make your environment more secure by configuring your software to use Multi-factor authentication.

Save on Hosting and Purchasing Hardware

Setting up a server to go online is an expensive and tedious process. Programmers spend long hours configuring before their employees can use the server. With Office 365, everything works on the cloud. You don’t have to worry about hosting and servers any longer. A single email can hold up to 50GB of storage and 1TB for your OneDrive.

Our Office 365 consultants can set up and deploy your subscription so that your business can experience an increase in productivity. We can help with getting things right the first time so you can do away with trial and error. We also provide ongoing support so that you can have someone to rely on when something goes wrong.

Office 365 Support from Mainly Tech Solutions

We understand that there is no one size fits all product when it comes to Office 365 Support.  At Mainly Tech, you can choose a package that fits your specific requirements and budget.

You can choose to hire our professional 365 consultants for short-term jobs like troubleshooting some issues you encounter with the software. Our team of Office 365 experts can provide all levels of support for everyone in your organization. From end-users to administrators, managers, directors, and power users, we’ve got your company covered.

We can customize your Office 365 subscription so that you can get the most out of your investment. Our experts can support the entire suite, including SharePoint, PowerApps, Power BI, Teams, Planner, and more.

Whenever your internal IT team needs to resolve complex issues, we are here to help. Our technicians are capable of taking over support for your entire Office 365 environment, which gives your IT team some breathing room to focus on day-to-day administration tasks.

We not only help in resolving issues, but we can also recommend customized solutions to get the most out of your 365 subscriptions. Configuring advanced settings and conditional access needs technical know-how.

Our team can also train and educate your employees on how to resolve issues and keep everything running smoothly. Interested to know more? Get our Office 365 Support Services today! Give us a call or send us a message on our website. Our team of 365 experts is ready to take your call.

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