Is the Cloud Right For Your Organization

For an organization, running their business on the Cloud means they can access data from anywhere and on any device at any time they need to. The Cloud has many potential benefits for different organizations whether big or small. Organizations are much more flexible in their operations, and greater opportunities are available at their disposal. The Cloud also helps to tighten company security while assisting the bottom line.

From large corporations to small businesses to freelancers to entrepreneurs, there are several reasons for taking your organization to the Cloud.

It makes collaboration easier

Your data and software are available in the Cloud anywhere, anytime and on whichever device. The days of saving and backing up your data on a hard drive are no longer an issue. Teams across different continents can work together and collaborate on the same document.

Colleagues can make real-time making changes, share and chat as easily as they were all in one room. Tools such as Hangouts and Skype provide flexible ways for clients and employees to stay in touch. Tracking and managing projects whether on a large scale or smaller scale is much more efficient and productive nowadays.

Real-time view of your financial position

Traditional accounting software was very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Your accountants’ time and effort were spent hunched over numbers and paperwork on their desks.

With cloud accounting software, the accounting process has been greatly simplified. Data only needs to be entered once, and all your transactions are centrally located enabling you to have a 360-degree view of your organization’s financial position anytime at the click of a button.

Availability of Apps

Cloud computing is extremely flexible making it easy to scale up your operations up or down quickly and implement new changes without having to adjust all your desktop software manually.

The Cloud platform facilitates a multitude of apps to digitize manual paper processes such as signing documents, streamlining workflows, automating invoicing and improving overall team communication.

Taking your organization to the Cloud opens up your organization to innovate and smarter ways to running your business operations and opens up opportunities to expand your market.

Safer and Secure

In today’s age of heightened security awareness, protecting your organization’s data and the information is paramount. The Cloud has an army of data security specialists whose focus is to ensure that your information is protected at all times.

Losing your electronic device need not automatically spell doom for organizations that use Cloud software. If your laptop is stolen, no one else can access your data unless they have the correct login credentials to the online account. Your data and information lives in the Cloud and not on your hard drive.

Even with natural disasters, your organization need not suffer any downtime because all your information is stored securely in the Cloud and can be accessed at a different site. You also have greater control over who can access your data.

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