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Does Your Business Need Office 365
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Does Your Business Need Office 365?

If you are a freelancer or an owner of a business, you most likely have Microsoft Office as part of your day-to-day operations. There are more than 120 million users of Microsoft 365 worldwide; if you are one of those businesses thinking about making the switch, now might be the best time to jump in.

Office 365 has been a staple in computing for years, whether you are working from home or at the office. Do you know anyone who has not used Word, Powerpoint, or Excel at some point? The popularity of Office 365 hit a high point in 2020, with 258 users paying for the software, even if the packages don’t come cheap.

What Do You Get With Office 365?

You pay for a subscription plan to access Office 365 plus other available services on the Cloud or through the internet.

When you subscribe to Office 365, you can use the latest and full versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook on your PC and any tablets or smartphones you own. You also have Publisher, Access, and 1TB of storage on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

Take note that once you stop paying for the service, you lose access to all the apps, files, and services. You can save files directly on your devices if you plan to use Office 365 for a short time only.

If you are not sold out on cloud services and prefer the old physical version, Office 2019 is your best option. Keep in mind that unlike Office 365, you won’t get software updates, free upgrades, security upgrades, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive.

You can’t use the apps on your phone or tablet, and once you download Office 2019, you can only use it on one PC or Mac forever. With all the restrictions from choosing Microsoft Office 2019, it’s clear that the software giant is pushing a superior version in Office 365.

What Are The Benefits of Office 365?

If you are already using Microsoft Office, you already know that it’s simple to use. As a business owner, you need to figure out if it’s better to keep using the traditional licensed versions of Office or switch to Office 365. If your business needs more features and access from anywhere, especially with more people working from home nowadays, Office 365 is a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Office 2019.

Office 365 is simply Microsoft Office on the Cloud. You can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions with several package levels available. This gives you the flexibility to customize your purchases to your employees’ needs. The programs are updated automatically compared to the physical version that you need to upgrade every few years. Free upgrades ensure that your business is always using the latest versions with the newest features from Microsoft.

Since you are using a cloud-based service, you don’t need to invest in new hardware to run the software and apps. We all know how expensive new hardware and equipment can be these days. Office 365 also makes it easier to install the Office apps on various devices without dealing with activation issues that pop up with software downloads.

Cybersecurity is an issue for small and medium business owners. Office 365 offers regular patches, privacy protection, layers of security, and proactive monitoring for any vulnerabilities, plus access to other cloud-based services from Microsoft.

Combine this with other solutions, and you get pretty tight security against cyber attacks. Cloud storage also gives your employees more flexibility since they can access email, flies, and other data anytime and from anywhere they are.

Whether they are on the road, working remotely, or at the office, employees can access Office 365 from multiple devices. This translates to greater productivity since your team is no longer limited to working at their workstations and desktop devices.

Make The Switch To Office 365 This 2021

Microsoft 365 has all the tools your business needs to run seamlessly and experience an increase in productivity. It runs on any modern PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android device. You can choose from a Personal or Home subscription. Personal is great if you need Office 365 for yourself, while a Home package lets you share the benefits with up to six people.

Paying yearly for the subscription saves you money, but monthly payments are more flexible because you can cancel at any time. Microsoft offers a 30-day free trial once you give them your payment details. You will get charged for an annual subscription at the end of the trial if you do not cancel.

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