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Cloud Computing Trends We Expect This 2021
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COVID-19 has affected how we do business and there are trends we see that may become either permanent or temporary. Cloud computing is evolving to accommodate this new normal that we now live in and the projection for growth will continue to increase. Businesses are now looking for increased scalability and agility as remote workforces trend upward.

Technology has played a big part in how businesses adjusted to the pandemic as workplaces are now decentralized all over the globe. New technologies like cloud computing are making it easier to generate, process, and analyze data. Here are some of the trends we can expect with cloud computing this 2021:

On-Site Equipment Moving to the Cloud

There were predictions in March of 2020 that businesses with on-site hardware would move large amounts of their services to the cloud. COVID-19 sped up the process especially with locked-down office buildings becoming the norm. Once the pandemic hit and lockdowns were imposed globally, businesses started to realize that going virtual was safer, flexible, and more cost-effective.

Working from home is not just a temporary solution for some companies anymore it has become a long-term viable option for both employees and employers alike.

As office space gets downsized with projections at 145 million square feet being shed in the next 2 years, budgets will be redirected to support the move to the cloud. At Pegas Technology Solutions, our cloud experts can help you with the transition. We will make your migration as seamless as possible without any downtime.

Remote Workspaces

As more and more companies are shifting to the work from home and remote workspace idea, IT should be ready. This WFH trend will spur the shift from office-based IT services to cloud-based solutions.

Internet connectivity is vital as networks, applications and devices need to be secured, configured, and deployed to work on the cloud. Larger companies are providing business-grade connections to critical employees to address latency issues. Internet speeds vary depending on location, usage, and peak hours.

Offloading physical hardware is now being considered and Virtual Desktop infrastructure is going to be more common.

 Cloud-Based Security Risks

The shift to virtual servers is accompanied by security challenges. As your companies digital perimeter expands, the security issues also become bigger.

If maintaining a firewall to secure a tight physical space worked in the past, Work from home poses a huge security challenge since residential networks and devices are different from commercial settings. Hackers are aware of this discrepancy which is why we are not surprised to see a huge increase in phishing attacks since COVID-19.

Companies in the healthcare industry are so stressed out since cybercriminals focus attacks on getting insurance claims, patient records, and social security numbers. As your company makes the move to the cloud, you need to secure your work from home employees. Ask one of our cloud experts how we can help you out.

5G Security Challenges

As 5G connectivity takes off in 2021, security will even be more difficult for businesses based in the cloud. With faster connectivity, more devices are now connected to the network: cars, wearables, home appliances, and voice assistants.

This means that hackers now have more entry points for their cyber attacks. Imagine a network-connected HVAC system or refrigerator being the point of entry for a phishing attack.

Cloud Services from Pegas Technology Solutions Solutions

Cloud computing has been the main technical response to the COVID-19 crisis. As companies worldwide managed to maintain “business as usual” by WFH, cloud computing made it all possible.

With the coronavirus still affecting worldwide economies, the cloud computing market is projected to grow exponentially. If you are one of those companies that plan to migrate to the cloud, we can help make everything easier with our Cloud Services.

It is expected that leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud will continue to dominate the cloud market and make their way into different industries worldwide. For those who are not familiar with the cloud, let our experts handle all your cloud-related requirements.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we can recommend a variety of cloud solutions that can help make your operations efficient and profitable.

Let us handle your IT cloud requirements so you can focus on your marketing efforts. Technology is changing the way we do business. The quality of your cloud infrastructure can either make or break your business.

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