Cloud Computing: A must have for Modern Businesses


Cloud computing refers to the practice in which data is stored, managed and processed on online servers instead of saving them on a personal computer or a local area network. This internet-based computing is becoming increasingly popular in the world because of the various advantages associated with it. Instead of spending time and money on an internal server-based computing systems companies are now preferring cloud computing to handle their operations. From small-scale corporations to large government organizations everyone is slowly embracing the cloud data management technology. One of the best ways of getting cloud computing services is to hire a professional IT management service provider.

Types Of Cloud Computing:

There are three major types of cloud computing that are popular among the different businesses Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS):

This is one of the most basic types of cloud computing. In IaaS, the company basically rents IT related infrastructure. Servers, storage, networks, operation systems are rented from a cloud service provider on pay as you go basis making it one of the most economical types of cloud computing.

Platform As A Service (PaaS):

This type of service is a cloud computing service in which an on-demand environment or platform is provided which can be used for developing, delivering, testing and managing different software applications. This type of service makes it easier for developers to create mobile and web applications.

Software As A Service (SaaS):

SaaS is a service in which software applications are developed and delivered over the internet on demand of the client.

Uses Of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a truly diverse field in managed IT services and the possibilities are boundless. The following are some of the things that you can do with cloud computing

  • Create new services and applications
  • Manage your data in a more efficient way and backup and restore it easily
  • Host websites and blogs
  • Deliver software applications on demand
  • Data analysis and predictions made on this analysis
  • Create a work from home type of environment for your business


Although the benefits associated are numerous we will mention only a few major advantages that come with this service.


One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it is very economical. By eliminating the cost required to buy expensive hardware and software required to set up an internal data center. This also helps you save in terms of electricity costs and cooling system requirements. Most of the IT management companies provide the “pay as you go” policy which makes sure that you pay for only what you need.


Scalability is one of the most important and attractive features of cloud-based data management. This feature allows you to get the services that you need and makes sure that you don’t have to pay extra for something that you will probably never use. This also allows you to expand your resources as the need increases.


Working from home, that was considered a dream a few decades ago is now becoming increasingly popular thanks to the cloud computing technology. With cloud-based data management systems, your employees can access important data from anywhere in the world. They don’t really need to be present in the company location to perform a certain task. This is concept is making work easier, faster and more efficient.

Speed And Performance:

Speed and performance are the key features of cloud computing. Most of the cloud computing services are provided on demand so even a large amount of computing processes need very little time. With just a few clicks you can perform any operation on your data. This gives amazing flexibility to your business. The datacenters on which the whole system of cloud computing runs is regularly updated with the latest hardware and software technology. this increases the efficiency and performance of the overall system.

Security And Reliability:

The sensitive data of your company and records or client are always at a risk in an internal data center based system. Cloud computing systems are designed especially in such a way that their security is outstanding. Moreover, they are on a constant lookout for any potential danger making them safe and reliable.

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