AWS and Its Impact on Your Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a web service that serves to provide businesses with enterprise level computation, data storage, network, and web content delivery at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional, in-house infrastructure. In addition to providing cloud storage services to end users, AWS also provides virtual servers, database management support, networking tools and essentials, and data security and administration. AWS cloud computing capabilities are a superb asset to any organization, despite its size or capabilities.

So, with that brief mention of what AWS is, how does it impact your business? Here are three benefits your business achieves while using cloud computing technologies of AWS:

It’s Scalable

Corporate servers do indeed come with a specified storage capacity and processing power. If more capacity and computing power are required, you either buy additional components or upgrade your existing system to a more powerful hardware piece. Cloud computing, on the other hand, requires no physical hardware. Instead, storage capacity and higher processing power can be scaled with ease through the AWS web dashboard.

With the growth of your business, the amount of data also increases and you need a short time to upscale this. AWS scalability not only keeps your business going, but also significantly reduces the time, space and expenses needed to buy, upgrade or install, and deploy new physical hardware components.

Optimizes IT Budgets

Aside from eliminating the time, space and expenses of scalability, AWS also helps optimize IT budgets. Capacity forecasting is an arduous task that organizations struggle to manage. For instance, when organizations launch a new application, teams tend to approximate, or simply guess the highest number, this is problematic since they’ll only be paid for the only portion being used. Conversely, if they undershoot the capacity amount needed, they are forced to restrict the performance of the said application due to the resources being limited.

Moreover, the same issue impacts IT budget plans for each year. Often, IT departments end up overspending or underspending on hardware, which never actually gets used or gets used limitedly respectively. AWS provides your company with accurate capacity needs, eliminating the guessing process. Moreover, you only pay for what you are using, balancing out the IT budget, making it a win-win for both the IT and Finance department.

It’s Free to Test!

When you are purchasing a car, you are allowed to give it a test run before you buy it, right? Well, the same can be said for software. Most applications including, SaaS applications do provide a free 30-day trial, for you to get accustomed to the product and its services. AWS is no different, it allows one to test its cloud computing services for free, for a year! This is enough time to set up and enjoy the benefits accrued before going premium. Not only can you use AWS to test how it’ll work for your company over time, but also you can calculate the switching to cloud projected ROI, a luxury non-existent when working with traditional in-house equipment.

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